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    High Blood Pressure

    High Blood Pressure

    By age 60, about six in ten Americans have blood pressure high enough to treat with drugs.

    Millions more have blood pressure high enough to raise the risk of heart attack or stroke. High blood pressure can damage the blood vessels of the heart, the brain, the eyes, and the kidneys. It killed 33,000 people in 1990; this does not include those who died due to a stroke or heart attack caused by high blood pressure.

    What's your blood pressure?
    Above 140/90 High
    130/85 to 139/89 High normal
    120/80 to 129/84 Normal
    Below 120/80 Optimum

    Blood pressure is a measure of the force of blood against the walls of the arteries. It is read with two numbers, systolic and diastolic, which are often just referred to as "top and bottom." The top number, systolic, measures blood pressure when the heart is pumping out blood. The bottom number, diastolic, measures blood pressure between heartbeats, that is, when the heart is not pumping but is at rest.

    The usual cause of high blood pressure is a persistent increase in resistance to blood flow through the smaller branches of the arteries, which carry blood from the heart throughout the body. Why this happens is unknown 95% of the time.

    This article is reproduced from Partner's Magazine with the permission of AIM International

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