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    AIM Kyolic Garlic

    AIM Kyolic Garlic in Canada

    Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract provides all of the benefits of organic garlic in an odourless, one-a-day caplet that promotes heart health and overall well-being.

    The key to creating an effective supplement like Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is a process that can eliminate toxic effects and ineffective compounds, and through standardization, increase the garlic’s benefits.

    After Kyolic’s organic garlic is harvested at full maturity, a natural aging process begins. Cleaned and sliced cloves of garlic are cold-stored in a stainless steel tank for up to twenty months under controlled conditions. This heatless aging process converts harsh, unstable compounds into those that are mild, stable and effective. From soil to shelf, the entire manufacturing process is controlled by over 250 stringent quality checks that ensure the safety and efficacy of Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract™.

    Key Benefits & Features of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract
    • Promotes heart health
    • Powerful antioxidant
    • Antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal support for the immune system
    • Supports healthy blood pressure
    • May lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood
    • Enhances circulation
    • Organic garlic
    • Odourless one-a-day caplets provide 1,000 mg of aged garlic extract powder
    • Standardized with S-allylcysteine (SAC)—natural compound in garlic
    • 30 caplets
    Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract™ provides all of the benefits of organic garlic in an odourless, one-a-day caplet that promotes heart health and overall well-being.

    Size: 30 caplets
    Code: 1453-CAD
    Retail: CAD$ 38.00
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    Kyolic Garlic product information
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